The No. 1 Productivity Killer in Machine Learning Projects

Feb 10, 2020 | General

The 80/20 Data Science Dilemma

Most of you that are familiar with machine learning may have heard of the 80/20 dilemma: It roughly states, that data scientists and machine learning experts spend about 80 % of their time for generating, preparing and labeling data and only 20 % of their time for building and training models!

The phases of a typical machine learning project roughly look like this:

Although the numbers may vary from case to case, this is an inefficient approach and strategy!

The reason data scientists are hired in the first place is to develop algorithms and build machine learning models—and these are typically the parts of the job that they enjoy most (and by the way – this is our passion, too  🙂 ).

Yet in most companies today, 80 percent of a data scientist’s valuable time is spent simply finding or generating, cleaning and preparing training data.

Without the right tools, this task is tedious, unsatisfying and economically too expensive.

This is the No. 1 productivity killer in machine learning projects!


Accelerate data preparation with – Spend more time on training models!

So – what if you had a tool, that helped you to speed up data preparation and gave you the freedom to spend more time on training models? is such a tool. It’s an SaaS tool, specifically designed for the needs of data engineers, data scientists, machine learning experts and team managers who work on computer vision problems.

It helps to speed up the phase of data preparation and save up to 90 % of your time for machine learning projects.


Label 10x faster

These massive time savings can be achieved through an innovative label editor and semi-automated AI-assisted labeling and annotation functions.

Here is a short preview of how supports you with the AI-assisted labeling function: Choose an object, draw a frame around it and get an AI generated polygon outline automatically.

Organized data and efficient workflows

But the online workbench has many more features to offer:

  • Upload images and organize them as training data sets for various projects.
  • Get help with object detection and classification.
  • Define your own nested classifications and use it for object annotations.
  • Work as an individual user or in a team with different roles, project management and tasks.
  • Automate your workflows efficiently with APIs.
  • Label training data, export it as JSON files and integrate the labeled training data in your python development workflow.


How can help you

In a nutshell – helps you to

  • Get labeled data fast and easy.
  • Reduce efforts for training data generation and preparation up to
    90 %!
  • Free yourself from tedious tasks and focus on your real AI passion.
  • Have more time for building and training models and the core development of your solution!
  • Accelerate the development and go-to-market of AI/ML products.
  • Overcome the No. 1 productivity killer in machine learning projects!


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