What´s your use case?

AI-based computer vision solutions can be used for various industries, use cases and
applications. DATAGYM is the foundational infrastructure that powers all these applications
within businesses big and small. What‘s your use case?

Autonomous Vehicles

Self-driving vehicles such as cars, trucks, busses, trains, airplanes and drones massively rely on computer vision and artificial intelligence. Historically seen they are in their beginnings but will play a significant role in solving our traffic challenges in the future.

Industrial Automation, Robotics, QA

Machine vision based on different image capturing technologies (optical and thermal cameras, ultrasonography, …) is already an important ingredient of industrial automation solutions and robotics all over the world. Object detection, object recognition and object handling, as well as quality assurance and inspection of different goods are some of the problems that are solved by using AI and ML.

Satellite and Drone Images

Satellites and drones deliver images from perspectives and distances, that couldn‘t easily be reached before. Many applications in various areas – e.g. environmental research, agricultural inspection and harvest planning, traffic control, property inspection and many more – use trained machine learning models to take advantage of these images.

Internet, E-Commerce, Social Media, Gaming

Many Internet and social media applications profit from using computer vision ML models nowadays. Wether it be product search, advertising or mobile body size measuring in e-commerce, people search in social media or e-sports scenery understanding in the gaming area to just name a few. AI gives them the ability to understand and classify objects, people and sceneries, make decisions without any human intervention and increase productivity and process quality.

Identification, Fraud Prevention, Security

Other widespread areas for computer vision applications are security, fraud prevention and identification. Online identification via passport and web cam enables e.g. ICOs and opening bank accounts without personal presence. Insurances save lots of money using AI to detect and prevent fraudulent damage reports, automatic surveillance and monitoring helps to reduce damages and crime in e.g. private homes, solar fields or public places.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

The healthcare sector is undergoing a revolutionary change with the introduction of digital solutions and deep learning based pattern recognition. Images and data from medical devices, microscopes, ultrasonography and sensors in combination with AI enable new powerful applications in diagnostics, treatment and prevention of many diseases. This is one important pillar of the new era of „precision medicine“.

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