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Label up to 10x faster!

DATAGYM enables data scientists and machine learning experts to label images up to 10x faster. AI-assisted annotation tools reduce manual labeling effort, give you more time to finetune ML models and speed up your go to market of new products.

Accelerate your computer vision projects by cutting down data preparation time up to 50%.

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Label up to
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Manage projects, label data, control quality and build a training data pipeline

A machine learning model is only as good as its training data. DATAGYM is an end-to-end workbench to create, annotate, manage and export the right training data for your computer vision models. Your image data can be imported into DATAGYM from your local machine, from any public image URL or directly from an AWS cloud S3 bucket.


Label up to 10x faster and gain more time for training models

Machine learning teams spend up to 80% of their time on data preparation. DATAGYM provides AI-powered annotation functions to help you accelerate your labeling task. The Pre-Labeling feature enables turbo labeling – it processes thousands of images in the background within very short time. I helps you find up to 80 distinct object classes on your images and quickly label them with bounding boxes. Additionally DATAGYM offers a class agnostic polygon labeling tool. The user simply marks the object of choice and the network provides a polygon prediction.


Specialized editor for video labeling

Besides images, we also support videos. Our specialized video editor is designed for an efficient and productive labeling process. You can easily navigate videos using adjustable playback-speeds, supportive shortcuts and a simple frame-by-frame navigation. Our linear interpolation makes it easy to track down objects. 


Organize and automate your workflows with APIs

Use our powerful APIs to stream data into DATAGYM. Export annotated data into training environments and integrate it into your python workflows.


Powered by Artificial Intelligence, complete workbench for teams, label 10x faster

DATAGYM is a unique Training Data and Image Annotation Platform powered by Artificial Intelligence. AI-assisted labeling functions help to accelerate labeling by up to 10x compared to manual processes. Our complete workbench helps professional teams to create and manage training data for their computer vision projects and speed up product development.

Save up to 50% of your time for
preparing training data
in computer vision projects!